August 24, 2018

Via Christi on High School Athletes and Heat

August 19, 2017

Doug Moe: Inspiring tale reaches from Liberia to Madison

The rebels came at dusk. They announced themselves with gunfire, blasts from machine guns. It was 1990 in West Africa. Sylvester Youlo was 14, and on […]
August 19, 2017

Florence needed surgery – A Success Story

Florence Stoneking put her trust in Dr. Sylvester Youlo to help her do what she loves. Thanks to the surgery, the nurses, and the surgical staff, […]

Writer’s bio

Dr. Youlo was born in Liberia, West Africa, in a small town called Pleebo. When he was just thirteen years old, a civil war that would displace and kill thousands, including his friends and relative, broke out in his native country. Just a teenager, he fled home, alone, and spent several years moving from refugee camp to refugee camp in neighboring Ivory Coast and Ghana. His gripping and yet heartwarming story is documented in his memoir, The Boy from Pleebo .